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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Look at me I'm ten feet tall
Jungle-Jim, hope I don't fall
Gather 'round for my playground

They call me Time, my real name is
Your attention please but please not
your sympathy
My dad's real cool
He discovered Mars
And my mom is a movie star

The kids at school don't let me play
But I don't care because I have
Any boy could ever need

A helicopter that takes me
A diamond horse, yeah my dad's a
Don't mind the holes in my knees
And my mom's a movie star

Bill Green grabs his lunch from the
window sill
I left mine home, how 'bout a bite
of your sandwich, Bill
A friend in need is a friend indeed
The teacher asks oh where are you
parents Tim
It's been five months and I've seen
no sign of them
My dad's not here
He flew back to Mars
and my mom is a movie star

She's a movie star
She's a movie star
My dad's drunk in a bar
And my mom's crashed the car
She's a movie star
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Taken from the album  by Dada
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    DADA-timothy lyrics

    lyrics to a song by DADA it's a really good song (i do not own the song!!!!)

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    Dada - Timothy 123110

    Dada playing at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia on New Years Eve 2010.

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    Dada Timothy (rare) acoustic(KBCO v3-11)

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    Dada - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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    DADA 5000 Vs Timothy Papp Jr


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    dada timothy 1-1-11

    DADA performing TIMOTHY at boston show 1-1-2011 at the middle east club.

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