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Viewing Lyrics for Heavy Breathing:

Artist:City Boy
Track:Heavy Breathing
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:He's not the type of guy that you'd recognise

There's nothing to suggest that he's a prize winner

His only claim to fame is a plaque above his bed says

he's a good boy.

He's not the sort of man you could easily like

You can't exactly say that he's a nice guy

His only one delight is to see her late at night before the

curtains are drawn.


Oooh heavy breathing he's out of control

Oooh heavy breathing he'd sell you his soul.

You'll find him in the waiting room just wasting time

Fumbling in his pockets for some loose change

His shoes are even older than the chip upon his shoulder

You'll find him easily bribed.

He really feels that detante is a dirty word

He'd gladly throw a spanner in the skoda

You've got to catch this guy before he reaches


That's him succinctly described.


Oooh heavy breathing he's out of control

Oooh heavy breathing he'd sell you his soul
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Taken from the album  by City Boy
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