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Viewing Lyrics for Babes In The Woods:

Artist:Children Lyrics
Track:Babes In The Woods
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Oh, don't you remember, a long time ago,
Those two little babies, their names I don't know
They were stolen away one bright, summer's day
And left in a wood, so I've heard folks say.

Pretty babes in the wood
Pretty babes in the wood
Oh, don't you remember
Those babes in the wood

Now the day being gone and the night coming on
Those two little babies sat under a stone
They sobbed and they sighed, they sat there and cried
Those two little babies they laid down and died

Pretty babes in the wood
Pretty babes in the wood
Oh, don't you remember
Those babes in the wood

Now the robins so red, how swiftly they sped
They put out their wide wings and over them spread
And all the day long on the branches they throng
They sweetly did whistle and this was their song

Pretty babes in the wood
Pretty babes in the wood
Oh, don't you remember
Those babes in the wood
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Taken from the album  by Children Lyrics
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