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Artist:Children Lyrics
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:B A Bay, B E Bee
B I Bickie Bye B O Bo
Bickie Bye Bo B U Boo
Bickie Bye Bo Boo

C A Say, C E See
C I Sickie Sye C O So
Sickie Sye So C U Soo
Sickie Sye So Soo

D A Day, D E Dee
D I Dickie Dye D O Doe
Dickie Dye Doe D U Do
Dickie Dye Doe Do

F A Fay, F E Fee
F I Fickie Fye F O Foe
Fickie Fye Foe F U Foo
Fickie Fye Foe Foo

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