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Track:Eternal Grace
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:As I look to the sky
throw my hands up
and pray to Jesus to ease us
this pain is enough believe us
retrieve us man
from down in hell as you know
it really wasn't meant for us to bail down below
as I look to the sky
with a tear in my eye
cause every day we struggle
every day we die
why are we forgiven
for the glamour we gave to thug life
and first breath to death trapped in
his maze rest in peace to the real Tupac Shakur
ressurect like lazareth
come back and bring me
more motivation and real inspiration yo
the elevation of my soul
to a high plateau
now dear Lord forgive me
if we whorah shoot to kill
black on black crimes
is tearing us apart to real
I hope we feel these words
and fly
and find eternal grace before we die

Eternal Grace
is coming down
to take my pain away
I will stay strong
I will go on
to find eternal grace

I'm praying on my knees for my foes
and my enemies
G-O-D can you pleasa help me
I say that life is too much pain
I'm going insane suicidal thoughts
running ramphet trough my brain
I look to the mirror and what did I see
a man trying to be free
from inside of me
and seperate fake game from reality
now I know how to come up
from down below
live my life on slow
keep them drugs out my flow
it's my life
and now it's time
to take control
the game is complex
for your mind and your health
so find eternal grace for yourself

Chorus (2X)
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