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Track:Grace and Pride
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Water lapping round my knees
Golden sand beneath my feet
Would mean a lot to me
There's very little you can say
To make those feelings go away
Till you take me

There's nothing more that I prefer
To see the boys and the girls
Step it out with grace and pride
As honesty flows by your side

I cannot run from times hard pressed
To become embittered, dispossessed
Just like some do
And maybe some place I can find
Where wheel and heart become entwined
Like I hope to

And nothing matters more to you
To sit and sing a song that's true
The first one there and last to leave
Sweet memories for you to keep

No easy lesson for me to learn
Just to close those eyes of mock concern
And halt your rush to be sincere
There's more in life for you to fear.
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