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Track:The Safeword
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Don't stop 'till I give the safeword
Maybe you have not heard
Wonder what it was
This is not about the devil
But the way to heaven
Baby I can cope

Uh, it's only bruised
It's only bruised
I don't need you
Telling me what's wise
It's only my perception right?

I am just a little stranger
This is what I'm made of
This is what I want
Maybe you are on the wrong side
Surely not on my side
Baby you can go

True, it wasn't you
Who got me bruised
That may be right
You don't wanna try
Then maybe I can save myself

Don't stop 'till you hit the right spot
'Till you make my heart throb
This is what I want
I've been waiting for the safeword
But it really won't hurt
Baby I can cope

True, it wasn't you
Who got me bruised
That maybe right
You don't wanna try
Then maybe I will try myself
To lighten up my life
It's only my perception right?

The safeword, safeword, safeword, safeword, it really hurts
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