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Viewing Lyrics for Candidate (Demo):

Artist:Bowie David
Track:Candidate (Demo)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Inside every teenage girl there's a fountain
Inside every young pair of pants there's a mountain
Inside every mother's eyes is Tommy Tinkrem's bed
Inside every candidate waits a grateful dead

I make it a thing, when I'm on my own to relieve myself
I make it a thing, when I gazelle on stage to believe in myself
I make it a thing, to glance in window panes and look pleased with myself
Yeah, and pretend I'm walking home

I took it so bad, I sat in the correction room
Took me a fag, and a kick in the moon
Well, I ain't gonna suck no radar wing
Because inside this tin is tin
Would you like to techno-plate cause I'm your candidate
Oh yeah

It's a matter of life
And the way you walk, you've got a BrylCream queen
It's a matter of tact
In the things you talk, that keeps his passport clean
A matter of fact
That a cock ain't a cock on a twelve inch screen
So I'll pretend I'm walking home

You don't have to scream a lot to keep an age in tune
You don't have to scream a lot to predict monsoons
You don't have to paint my contact black
Now I've hustled a pair of jeans
Do I have to give your money back when I'm the Fuhrerling

I'll make you a deal
I'll say I came from from Earth and my tongue is taped
I'll make you a deal
You can get your kicks on the candidate
I'll make you a deal
For your future's sake, I'm the candidate
Let's pretend we're walking home

uh-huh, uh-huh
I'm the candidate
I'm the candidate
Vote now for the candidate
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Taken from the album  by Bowie David
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    13 Candidate (alternate version)-David Bowie

    Bonus track from the album Diamond Dogs.

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    David Bowie "Candidate (Demo)" extra track from Diamond Dogs RYKO edition on Clear Vinyl

    This is one of the two extra tracks on the RYKO edition of Diamond Dogs on clear vinyl. The Bowie dog shows its genitals in this cover sleeve.

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    David Bowie 'Candidate' Demo Version (Alternative Take)

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    David /Candid Date alternate.

    David Bowie /Candidate alternate version,1973. Directed and animated by Vazz Toons.

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    Different version of candidate-please comment.

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