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Viewing Lyrics for AG Summer Fashion Show ~AGSM:

Track:AG Summer Fashion Show ~AGSM
Date Added:30/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Show
  1. Thumbnail 2:50

    AG Summer Fashion Show ~AGSM


    Views: 30

  2. Thumbnail 1:43

    AG Fashion show~ a smooth AGSM =D

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SET THE QUALITY TO 1080p HD!!!!!! YOUTUBE RUINED THE QUALITY!!!!!!!! So, this is a fun little stop motion that my friend hel...

    Views: 53

  3. Thumbnail 2:25

    The Summer Fashion Show - AGSM

    Most of the items featured in this video are available for sale on my etsy! Here's the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/justsmilestudios?ref=hdr_s...

    Views: 23

  4. Thumbnail 1:00

    AG 2015 Summer Fashion Show! {AGSM}

    enjoy! :) the outfits are listed below. if you guys are wondering i did change my username to AGPineapples. this is because my instagram is calle...

    Views: 24

  5. Thumbnail 1:17

    End of summer fashion show!AGSM

    Sorry this is late! I spent a long time editing to make it look awesome! ~Marissa.

    Views: 6

  6. Thumbnail 1:16

    AGSM- Fashion Show *Summer Forever*

    I hope you enjoy this AG summer-inspired fashion show!! :)

    Views: 17

  7. Thumbnail 1:41

    The Fashion Show ~ AGSM

    This is my first stopmotion in iMovie, so forgive me if it isn't the best. xD I wanted to mix up my outfit of the week (or whenever) videos, so I...

    Views: 16

  8. Thumbnail 1:06

    The Fashion Show ~ An AGSM

    Ivy, Samantha, Saige, and Felicity are in a fashion show! Hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe! our channel is three girls doing everyt...

    Views: 1

  9. Thumbnail 1:38

    The Fashion Show ~AGSM~

    Enjoy!! So its been a while sense I have uploaded a real video to youtube! But I made this stop motion about a month ago but then I never came to...

    Views: 5

  10. Thumbnail 0:55

    AGSM - Fashion show

    Comment down below the outfit you preferred? I hope you like this video! Thanks for watching! Bye!

    Views: 4

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