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Artist:Darkness Round the Sun
Track:Alexz Johnson
Date Added:26/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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1.   Alexz Johnson  view

Taken from the album  by Darkness Round the Sun
  1. Thumbnail 3:17

    Darkness Round the Sun-Alexz Johnson

    NO Copyright infragment intended Darkness Round the Sun by Alexz Johnson Lyrics.- Somewhere there's a sea that has no other side Somewhere there'...

    Views: 2

  2. Thumbnail 3:17

    Alexz Johnson - Darkness 'Round The Sun (Acoustic)

    After many weeks without uploading another video, I now have. This is the acoustic version of ''Darkness 'Round The Sun'' by Alexz Johnson. It wa...

    Views: 3

  3. Thumbnail 3:17

    Darkness 'Round The Sun Alexz Johnson

    This is the full Alexz Johnson's version of the song "Darnkess 'Round The Sun". The one that was not on the soundtrack. Lyrics: Somewhere theres ...

    Views: 3

  4. Thumbnail 2:59

    Darkness Round the Sun ACOUSTIC - Alexz Johnson - Polished

    A polished version of the acoustic version Jude sings in the episode "Let it Be".. I removed most of the dialogue, and added a little bit of Pats...

    Views: 2

  5. Thumbnail 3:17

    Darkness Round The Sun - Alexz Johnson

    From Instant Star 3 Original Version soundtrack.

    Views: 2

  6. Thumbnail 3:17

    Alexz Johnson - Darkness Round the Sun {Lyrics On Screen}

    I Don't Own Anything I Do not own the song I do not own the artist I don't own anything in any way. Well, I hope you all like it. Alexz Johnson i...

    Views: 2

  7. Thumbnail 3:21

    Darkness 'Round The Sun - Damhnait Doyle (Full Song)

    Song 'Darkness 'Round the sun' by damhnait doyle. It's different, but i hope you like it! Lyrics: Somewhere there's a sea that has no other side ...

    Views: 2

  8. Thumbnail 4:28

    Darkness Round The Sun - Damhnait Doyle and Alexz Johnson (Inglés y Español)

    No copyright infringement intended. All the rigths goes to Sony Music Entertainment, Strategic Artist Management, CTV Television Network, The N, ...

    Views: 2

  9. Thumbnail 3:42

    Patsy Sewer Jude Harrison Alexz Johnson Darkness Round The Sun

    las song written by Patsy Sewer and performed by Alexz Johnson.

    Views: 0

  10. Thumbnail 2:27

    Instant Star - Patsy Sewer Ft. Jude Harrison - Darkness Round The Sun

    This is a song from instant star season 3 called Darkness Round The Sun performed by Patsy Sewer (Zoie Palmer) & Jude Harrison (Alexz Johnson)

    Views: 0

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