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Viewing Lyrics for Pagibig guitar cover:

Track:Pagibig guitar cover
Date Added:25/06/2016
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Taken from the album  by Spongecola
  1. Thumbnail 2:35

    Spongecola - Pagibig guitar cover

    G C Gumaganda ang paligid G C Kung bawat tao ay puno ng pag-ibig G C Napapawi ang pighati, Em D ...

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    Pag-ibig "Dangwa" Themesong (Spongecola) cover by FrancisFaustino ~ Chords Tutorial

    Heres my Cover of the song "Pag-ibig" by SpongeCola for theme song of Dangwa (new GMA teleserye) Below are my chords used in my video! Enjoy! G C...

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  3. Thumbnail 2:50

    Sponge Cola - 'Pag-ibig'

    A song off of their upcoming EP 'Sinag,' "Pag-Ibig" was written by Simon Tan for the soundtrack of the series 'Dangwa.' Watch their full Live Jam...

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  4. Thumbnail 6:36

    Pag Ibig Chords - Sponge Cola - Easy Guitar Tutorial

    Pag Ibig Chords - Sponge Cola - Easy Guitar Tutorial. support pareng Don! www.paypal.me/parengdon para sa mas magandang learning experience mga p...

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  5. Thumbnail 2:38

    Sponge Cola - Pag-ibig (theme from Dangwa) acoustic + lyrics + chords

    DISCLAIMER: Yael wasn't driving on this video :)

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  6. Thumbnail 2:57

    Pag-Ibig - Sponge Cola (Guitar Cover With Lyrics & Chords)

    Strumming Pattern at the end.. Hit Like/Share & Subscribe(then turn your notifications on) to my Youtube Channel for more.. :).. Thank you for wa...

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    Sponge Cola - 'Gemini' guitar tutorial

    The boys of Sponge Cola ? Yael, Armo, and Gosh ? teach us how to play 'Gemini' on the guitar. Follow Rappler on Social Media: Facebook - https://...

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  8. Thumbnail 2:36

    Sponge Cola - Pag-Ibig (Instrumental)

    Official Soundtrack From Dangwa. Lyrics: Gumaganda ang paligid Kung bawat tao Ay puno ng pag-ibig Napapawi ang pighati Masilayan lang ang iyong n...

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  9. Thumbnail 2:35

    Pag-ibig by spongecola (guitar cover)

    Pag-ibig (Dangwa OST) Performed by: Spongecola Tabs/chords: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/spongecola/pag-ibig_dangwa_ost_crd.htm.

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