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Artist:Black Happy
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Do you want to see my true face
and get to know my real place
Do you really want to see how much I know
and feel, I know what I'm supposed to be
I'd rather feel that to see and when I run there is
nothing that can hold me up
I had a hot streak one time it helped to make
up your mind and now it's showing everything
I need to be, my word does not mean a thing

It only helps to get free so I can do as I please
What is hiding beneath my skin
It's just the costume I'm in

It's changing colors any time I want it to
I need attention all day
I'm prone to make some mistakes
but it's never my fault, it's yours
I make the other half see
how blessed they are to have me
how lucky they should feel that I'm around for them
No matter what I can't fall
I'm always here for them all
just as long as everything is always geared to me

I'm a jerk, I'm a creep, I'm so shallow, I seem deep
I got what I want and I got how I need
And I know that you will always listen to me

Do you think I can help the world
my tail is hidden and curled
and I can lash back anytime that I want to
ideas are none but my own
I don't care what I have sown
I'm out of reach for anything to come back on me
When all is finally done at least I know I'll have fun
and by the way how were things for you
I really couldn't care less
'cause I don't clean up the mess
everything is always taken care of for me

Mine is never to take the blame
my story's never the same
I'll rearrange it to try and get away
and when I go to my grave
I don't care if I am saved
I'll get the same treatment that I got down here
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