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Viewing Lyrics for Get Ready For This:

Artist:2 Unlimited
Track:Get Ready For This
Date Added:25/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Ya'll ready for this?
Get down with the style,
House on the ground,
Please when i squeeze,
Pump to your knees.
Who wants to play?
I'm in here to stay,
Ready to take you around the way,
So get ready for this.
Mind your own biz,
Cause i invented the microphone biz.
No need to sit, cause we're 2 unlimited:
Ready, ready, ready for this!
Feel the base, you just get closer.
Be impressed by the words i chose of,
Once again kickin' it live,
Doin' everything yo just to survive
A wall to wall, i think i stand,
Being on stage with a mic in my hand,
Bustin' it live to the crowd,
The age is 20, i'm from the south!

Be a part,
Break my heart.
Get ready for this,
Mind your own biz.
People in the front,
Show me what you want,
And i won't give it in.
Get ready for this!
We're 2 unlimited,
So people won't you sit?
Movin' up and down,
Dancin' on the ground.
Feelin' kinda free: security.

House is style that moves you from the ground.
House on the ground, bass in your face,
Racin' the place, no time to waste.
Feelin' hypnotised,
I can see it in your eyes.
Feelin' kinda better,
Put on your sweater.
Feelin' like a white,
I think it doesn't matter.
Super, dope, def, and even outrageous.
If i was an animal, theyd've kept me in cages,
So get ready for this!
Ya'll ready for this?
Step back, relax. don't you wanna come in?
When i start rappin' the girlies wanna come in.
Into my house, into my room,
That's the part where it goes "boom! boom!".
Name here is ray, the group is 2 unlimited,
We've got a lot to say... to you, ah yeah and your other crew, if it is
Dream, boom see boom!
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Taken from the album  by 2 Unlimited
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