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Artist:Slash w/ Jerry Cantrell for Turn It Up!
Date Added:21/06/2016
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  1. Thumbnail 3:26

    Slash w/ Jerry Cantrell for Turn It Up! "Conversations & Extras" - Joe's Guitar

    From our bonus DVD: Slash and Jerry Cantrell talk about a '59 Gibson Les Paul? young Slash lusted after with an interesting history. Turn It Up! ...

    Views: 2

  2. Thumbnail 5:41

    Jerry Cantrell Gets Emotional Talking About the Deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

    Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez of Alice in Chains talk about donating money to charity in memory of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Jerry Can...

    Views: 0

  3. Thumbnail 5:01

    Slash, Tom Morello & Jerry Cantrell perform "Wish You Were Here"

    Slash and friends get together to play a classic Pink Floyd song. Subscribe to Slash on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/slash Like Slash on...

    Views: 0

  4. Thumbnail 10:52

    Sculpting Jerry Cantrell's Sound ? Interview with Jerry Cantrell and Dave Friedman

    Get the Friedman JJ-100 Jerry Cantrell Signature 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head here: ...

    Views: 0

  5. Thumbnail 3:33

    "Wish You Were Here" - Corey Taylor, Jerry Cantrell & Slash - Justice Tour, LA

    Cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" w/ Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) & Slash. Performed at the Justice Tour at...

    Views: 0

  6. Thumbnail 1:21:09

    Let There Be Talk: Jerry Cantrell

    Let There Be Talk: An All Things Comedy podcast with host Dean Delray and guest Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains! Visit us: http://allthingsco...

    Views: 0

  7. Thumbnail 8:53

    G&L Guitars Exclusive Interview with Jerry Cantrell

    G&L Guitars talks to Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell about his signature model electric guitar, the new Alice In Chains record, The Devi...

    Views: 0

  8. Thumbnail 0:58

    Rick Vito on His Desert Island Guitars - Turn It Up! (cutting room)

    Rick is pressed for his "desert island" electric guitar must-haves in this cutting room footage from Turn It Up! Turn It Up! is a feature-length ...

    Views: 0

  9. Thumbnail 1:45

    John Shanks on a '59 Gibson Les Paul? - Turn It Up! (cutting room)

    Producer John Shanks checks out a very sweet '59 Les Paul in this additional footage from the Turn It Up! cutting room. Turn It Up! is a feature-...

    Views: 0

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