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Viewing Lyrics for 1v1 Basketball, Game 093 DEON vs ZEKE (aka SHAKESPEARE):

Track:1v1 Basketball, Game 093 DEON vs ZEKE (aka SHAKESPEARE)
Date Added:18/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Zeke
  1. Thumbnail 12:58

    1v1 Basketball, Game 093 DEON vs ZEKE (aka SHAKESPEARE)

    Deon got our attention during regular game play and his 5 on 5 skills were on point. We recruited him to play 1v1 and he agreed. About 5 minutes ...

    Views: 4

  2. Thumbnail 9:16

    1v1 basketball, Game 095 (Crazy 8 vs Deon)

    Deon 5'6 asked for a second chance against a lesser known opponent after his loss to Shakespeare aka Zeke. We matched him up with a team Zeke rec...

    Views: 5

  3. Thumbnail 17:53

    Twin vs Zeke (The Brutal Game) 1v1 Basketball: by V1F

    https://www.v1f.global/ After a long hiatus, Zeke was looking to get back with another game. It was decided to set him up with Twin, a proven com...

    Views: 3

  4. Thumbnail 18:23

    Who wins? Backdown Style or Strong Guard (Kobe/Kyrie --|vs|-- KingAnt)

    Undefeated Kobe/Kyrie announcing he's coming after Brandon aka B $wish. We had KingAnt in the gym for the Greeners practice so what better opport...

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  5. Thumbnail 18:11

    B $WISH --|vs|-- CATO (Fan Choice | Classic)

    The long anticipated match is here. Cato 6'7 vs Brandon 5'6. Join through the app here: https://www.v1f.global/

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  6. Thumbnail 15:03

    KRAZY8 --vs--- ANT (plus - DTRAIN CALLOUT LAVAR BALL part 1)

    FLOOD RELIEF: https://www.cloisteredaway.com/ V1F Website: https://www.v1f.global/ #stoprunningmrball After hitting the one shot to allowing Zeke...

    Views: 1

  7. Thumbnail 8:29

    HOW DID I FIND THIS GUY? ( Sunday Series 1v1 )

    https://www.v1f.global/ The universe works in mysterious ways. I skated down the hill where my office is and I found a competitor. Keep watching ...

    Views: 2

  8. Thumbnail 21:12

    TEAM ZEKE --vs-- YOUNG GUNNAZ "EPIC 2v2" (Zeke says ASAP to Brandon Rematch)

    https://www.v1f.global/ After Brandon Celebrates beating Zeke before they even played, we wanted to catch up with Zeke just to see where his mind...

    Views: 0

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