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Artist:T.R.U. Ballad
Track:Dayvion Clayborn
Date Added:17/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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1.   Dayvion Clayborn  view
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Taken from the album  by T.R.U. Ballad
  1. Thumbnail 2:17

    T.R.U. Ballad - Dayvion Clayborn

    I don't own this song, all the rights go to Dayvion Clayborn. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dayvionclayborn Facebook: https://www.facebook.c...

    Views: 385

  2. Thumbnail 2:32

    T.R.U. Ballad By Dayvion Clayborn (Viral Video)

    I am Dayvion Clayborn, the person in this video, and the writer of this song... Subscribe and Add My Social Media Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @Da...

    Views: 213

  3. Thumbnail 4:33

    T.R.U. Ballad (Acoustic) [Extended Version]

    This Song is available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4jwYXWaKDlW6GkbP3knn4G All Social Media: @DayvionClayborn Lyrics: T.R.U. Ballad ...

    Views: 3

  4. Thumbnail 3:57

    "Love Games" by Dayvion Clayborn

    "Love Games Ballad" by Dayvion Clayborn Tempo: 130bpm Scale: G-Major Hook: I'd coming running if you call me girl/ You're the only one in missing...

    Views: 23

  5. Thumbnail 4:35

    "Juice" by Dayvion Clayborn

    "Juice" by Dayvion Clayborn Key/Scale: A-Major Tempo:140.000bpm Hook: She keep on telling me I got the Juice, Yeah/ I keep on telling her she got...

    Views: 8

  6. Thumbnail 3:06

    "Nights Like This" By Dayvion Clayborn

    "Nights Like This" by Dayvion Clayborn (Prod. By Superstaar Beats) All Social Media: @DayvionClayborn Lyrics: Intro- it's a lot like a 9 to 5... ...

    Views: 3

  7. Thumbnail 2:46

    Tru ballad......(mayward)

    Pbb teens edition.

    Views: 1

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