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Video Views: 9 - Today Views: 1 - Video Date Added: 23/07/2018

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Artist:Tuloy Pa Rin
Track:Ito Rapadas
Date Added:05/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Tuloy Pa Rin
  1. Thumbnail 4:37

    Tuloy Pa Rin - Ito Rapadas

    Composed by: Ito Rapadas... Sa wari ko'y Lumipas na ang kadiliman ng araw Dahan-dahan pang gumigising At ngayo'y babawi na Muntik na Nasanay ako ...

    Views: 10

  2. Thumbnail 4:51

    NEOCOLOURS - Tuloy Pa Rin (MYX Live! Performance)

    Here's a throwback of Neocolours performing their hit, "Tuloy Pa Rin!" Subscribe to MYX Philippines Channel here: http://bit.ly/MYXPhilippines Fo...

    Views: 9

  3. Thumbnail 4:59

    Neocolours performs "Tuloy Pa Rin" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

    OPM band Neocolours performs "Tuloy Pa Rin" live on the Wish 107.5 Bus! The titular track of their 1990 record is well-loved anthem about moving ...

    Views: 0

  4. Thumbnail 5:18

    Hold On and Tuloy pa Rin Medley - Ito Rapadas of Neocolours (Songs For Heroes 1)

    Neocolours' Ito Rapadas sings his band's greatest hits, ?Hold On? and ?Tuloy Pa Rin? to share words of encouragement to the families of the SAF 4...

    Views: 20

  5. Thumbnail 4:34

    Tuloy Pa Rin by Neocolours

    Album: Tuloy Pa Rin Artist: Neocolours Neocolours was formed 1988, out of the remnants of a mid 1980s vocal group, in Manila, Philippines. Foundi...

    Views: 2

  6. Thumbnail 5:38

    Tuloy Pa Rin

    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Tuloy Pa Rin Neocolours Emerge ? Universal Records Released on: 2014-03-24 Author: Ito Rapadas Composer: Ito...

    Views: 4

  7. Thumbnail 6:42


    NEOCOLOURS performed medley of their smash OPM hits "KASALANAN KO BA & TULOY PA RIN" in Eagle Rock and Rhythm segment of Letters and Music.

    Views: 4

  8. Thumbnail 3:23

    Tuloy Pa Rin Full Song Lyric Video

    Ang kwento, naituloy na? ituloy na rin natin ang kanta. Listen to the full song you've all been waiting for now! Lyrics and Music by: Ito Rapadas...

    Views: 10

  9. Thumbnail 5:07

    5thGen covers "Tuloy Pa Rin" (Neocolours) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

    Going through a heartbreak? Let 5th Gen help you ease that pain and cheer you up with their cover of "Tuloy Pa Rin." A certified OPM classic, thi...

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  10. Thumbnail 4:37

    Tuloy Pa Rin - Ito Rapadas

    featuring: nholly.

    Views: 10

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