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Viewing Lyrics for Sunrise Sunset:

Track:Sunrise Sunset
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sunrise sunset
Can't sleep can't forget
Thought I heard your footsteps
Coming home to me

Love comes, love grows
Sure as the wind blows
Like the single red rose
You will have your day

Now is the moment to come to your senses
Tear down the walls and set fire to the fences
Run away, run away

L.A. earthquake
Midnight ground shake
Somewhere in the heartache
There is hope you'll see

Now is the moment and now is forever
Now is the time it will all come together
Run, you gotta run

Once it was only a question of giving
Now we're destroying the life that we're living
Run, you gotta run

Run away, run away
You gotta run away, run away

Sunrise sunset
Can't sleep can't forget
Thought I heard your footsteps
Coming home to me
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Taken from the album  by America
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