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Viewing Lyrics for Last Woman On Venus:

Track:Last Woman On Venus
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Last Woman On Venus (C. Volk)
Take the time to organize your mind...
And look deep inside...
Sophisticate and rehydrate your skin...
It's worn and thin...
Well I see through your mind...
I'll laugh when you cry...
Hey man, well, you're looking good under bitter light.
Hey man, well, you're all I see and you're all I know,
And you're all the same my friend... and nothing's ever changed.
Will you wish upon a star? So far, so cold, so dim.
Will you risk all that you have earned on a charlatan's whim?
And I won't return again, to pick you up and heal...
Have you ever stood to watch these faces,
as they walk on by dispassionate and clever, rudely knowing why?
When it's all that you've wanted many times been gone.
And it's all that you've needed, but wouldn't let you hope
For one last chance at greatness
Would you let it pass you by
on a cold night on some nameless month
That leaves you standing there so alone.
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