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Artist:All 4 One
Track:Green Light
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Green Light

Yeah.. Oh yeah.. woah oh..

Sittin' here just thinkin' bout this situation
That's why I'm sending you a 2-way now
We gotta few things we need to figure out
Memories of the night we kissed
Now it seems like we don't exist
You change your mind about a thousand times
Girl I know you're kind
But that ain't right

Now when we're alone and I'm kissing you
There's no place that I'd rather be
Baby believe I'm so into you
But I'm so confused cuz...

You say STOP when you really mean GO
You tell me YES when you really mean NO
If I'm not what you want baby that's alright
Just stop giving me the green light
Spending hours at a time talking on the phone
Telling me that maybe I could be the one
Girl, you're leading me on and it just ain't right
So stop giving me the green light

You tell me that I'm trippin' and over-reacting
And boy you need to settle down,
stop making this bigger than it is right now
If I'm wrong well then tell me why
If I'm not look me in my eyes
Like the way you always change
Get around your ??? then forget my name

Don't mis-understand
I'm not saying that I'm ready for this thing to end
Make up your mind, are we more than friends?
And I'm out on a limb cuz...


Girl you say stop when you mean go
You tell me yes when you mean no

Giving me the green light

Girl you say stop when you mean go
You tell me yes when you mean no

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