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Track:All night
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:[J-Ro] Welcome to Tha Alkaholik function, yeah
[Tash] Yes to party down
[J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party
[Tash] Yes to party down
[J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party

Verse One: Tash

Aiyyo, step in my area, and I'ma bury ya
Tha Likwit crew is blowin so the more the girl the merrier
So bring your sexy body to the front and make some noise
while these beats wind the Likwit homies up like Freakazoids
Plus my style as hot as sex on a platta
That's why your dame was open once I threw these lyrics at her
Say what? The rhyme data ???
Smokin wack MC's so bad I'm at the ground evacuatin
So hit the exits, while I'm rhyme flexin on some next ish
That come across in different shapes and forms like playin Tetris
So from the West it's (who?) I thought you knew
Cool ass CaTashTrophe, from the crew with all the moves
so pop the tops off, while I pop beats that knock your blocks off
TASH, got the style that house any beanie bopper
So check the time of clock while I rock the land
""Hey ladies!"" tell em whose in this jam

Chorus: repeat 2X

(It's Tha Liks baby)
[J-Ro] Here to wet your top
[Tash] So all the ladies gather round, it's time to party down
[J-Ro] That's right (That's right) that's right
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Taken from the album  by Alkaholiks
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    Tha Alkaholiks All Night E Swift Instrumental 1997 HQ

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