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Viewing Lyrics for 40 Oz Quartet Part. L:

Track:40 Oz Quartet Part. L
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:(""audience applauds"")
Lazy-ass gentlemanns.. may I have yo' drunk-ass attention please
Comin to you motherfuckers live on stage here tonight
I'd like to present... the most intoxicated, most inbreezeiated
Most anpissipated, group of our time - the 40 Oz, Quartet
Take it away gentlemans

It's the cap twistin clique that get you sick off one sip
Of this concoction - pass it to a nigga like Stockton
Grape juice, Johnny Walker, Olde E, and Hennesey
So much Remi in my kidney they had to send me to Sidney
To find a remedy, from drinkin kegs all alone
I wish they'd leave my head alone, I'm just an alkie to the bone
They try to send me to AA, I said ""Ay ay""!
Not today-day, I just bought a bottle of Tan-gueray-ray
But first I gots to finish, my eight ball and Guinness
I'm feelin so dry now man, I must replenish
Ohhh I like the girrrls with the fat backs
But I be so damn wet I never get a chance to smack that
straight out of order sighn on the weenie
wasted chips buyin a bitch a gang of apple martinis

I'm..just..a drunk (I can't help myself)
I'm..just..a drunk (Drinkin XO off the top shelf)
I'm..just..a drunk (No I can't help myself)
I'm..just..a drunk-k

(""audience applauds"")
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