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Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[Melody Jack]
Forcing of values once sent
Now preying on seeds of your innocence
Knowing full well the whole time
Deep seeded repression once held in tight
Boils from behind

Chosen my victim no longer restricted
Gods will forced upon you
You tell I whill scorn you
For I am the power, I rape and you cower
Need not bother telling gods will I am selling
But years of denial has bred habits vile
You must understand control is in my hands
If you talk I will lie the commandments aside
I will never stand trial cause gods love on me smiles
[Lead Jack]

Loosing everything I thought was right
Knowing what I thought now pushed aside
Feeling the desire growing from inside
Killing the lives of my victims minds
[Lead Jack]
[Lead Gooch]
[Repeat twice]

The cross that I bear that's gods armour I wear
Question me not

[Lead Gooch]
[Repeat Chorus x2]
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