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Viewing Lyrics for Girl In My Pocket:

Artist:A Few Loose Screws
Track:Girl In My Pocket
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I've got a shirt with a pocket by
My heart
It used to be empty, o' so empty
But my girl's taken up residence there
So she'll never have to leave

O' I've got a girl in my pocket
With a miniature sawzall and a little
Piece of shrimp
Whoa can you tell how much I love her
I think I'll keep her there forever

In my pocket she eats, in my

Pocket she sleeps
She peeks out when I'm walking down
The street
She may be smaller than the
Tiniest mouse
But her heart is bigger than the
Gigantic house

Whoa-oh-oh I've got a girl in
My pocket
With a miniature sawzall and a little
Piece o' shrimp
Oh-oh-oh can you tell how much I
Love her
I think I'll keep her there forever
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