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Artist:A Few Loose Screws
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:I remember when we were friends
Walking hand in hand together
Sharing our thoughts with each other
With time I've grown older but you're still the same
We know each other still but everything is changed
Like a withered flower dried up in the heat
An image of what used to be of lie and spirituality

At one point I know we'll meet
My failures I lay before your feet
In an attempt to humble I begin to crawl
You pick me up my sin and all
Have been lifted up and taken away
Too good for me but still you stay
Hand out for confirmation
Freedom and alleviation

Take me back when life was easy
I long for the simplicity
I want to return to the time
When I knew your name

Thought of myself only second class
I know your love will surpass
Anything that my flesh may say
Focused on you will I never stray
With you at my side I begin to see
True is your grace and authority
You'll always be there when I try
To Refrain from becoming dry

Like a withered flower dried up in the heat
An image of what used to be of life and spirituality
I am a withered flower dried up in the heat
An image of what used to be of life and spirituality
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