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Viewing Lyrics for Cant Stop Lovn You:

Artist:A Few Loose Screws
Track:Cant Stop Lovn You
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I love the rain
I love the autumn wind
I love the snow
I love this place I'm in
I love the cold on a winter's day
I love the truth
I love the things you say

Sometimes my world gets better
Like a child
No matter what the price I just can't stop

Can't stop lovin' you
Can't stop lovin' you
No, no
Can't stop lovin' you
No matter what they say

I love the waves
On the stormy sea
I love the stars
The way they shine at me
I love the moon
I see your light in it
I love your word
There's so much life in it

Sometimes it seems
My world is falling down
How good to know
That I've been found

Can't stop lovin' you
Can't stop lovin' you
No, no
Can't stop lovin' you
No matter what they say

You love me more
Like I need you to
And see your face
And fly away with you
Get past those gets
And into heaven
With my wife
And all my children

Oh, Lord I know
It must be coming soon
And I stand before this world
And shout, "It's true"

Can't stop lovin' you
Can't stop lovin' you
No, no
Can't stop lovin' you
No matter what they say

Can't stop lovin' you...
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