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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I drove really fast before I hit the wall
I was punch drunk, spinnin' round, heading for a fall
Do or die now, got scared, so I stalled
You can have it all
Your eyes inside the back of my mind
Stars collide to see who outshines
Your eyes inside the back of my mind
It's making me blind
We can hate
We can hate each other
We can be down then fuck one another
We can hold it up, then set it on fire
Life is sacrifice and you can be a martyr
But it's more than I can stand
When you're looking down on me
Cause I can't live up to you, that makes me incomplete
I never wanted anything more
So I'll just say good-bye and watch you walk out the door
I want to be all you want me to be
I want to be all you think that you see
Would you leave me here when nobody cares?
I tried really hard not to care at all
Medicate myself
Xanax, alcohol
My admissions made me feel so small
You can keep it all
I can change
We can change for each other
We can let go and accept one another
We can tear it down to the ground and start over
Life is compromise [x2]
So if I let you down then I'll pick you up again
In the end
Suspend confidence in me to come through
To be who I want to be and to do what I want to do
Never turn my back on you
[Repeat Chorus]
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