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Viewing Lyrics for Jumbo Go Away:

Artist:Zappa Frank
Album:You Are What You Is
Track:Jumbo Go Away
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics: -- ----

Jumbo, go away
Jumbo, go away
Jumbo leave me alone
Get your head off my bone
I wanna go home
*("I'm hungry")*

Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo give me a break
Lighten up on my snake
That's all I can take
*(Robbie take me to Greek Town!)*

It seems I can't explain
The way I feel about you
You just don't understand
You're from Kalamazoo...

You got to realize
Our little romance deal
Will not materialize
Into a thing that you'd call REAL...
*(I think I have worms...)*

Jumbo gotta go
Jumbo gotta go
Jumbo better get back
Or your eye will get black
When I give you a smack

Jumbo don't you cry
Jumbo don't you cry
Jumbo this is good-bye
I ain't gonna lie
So wash up your pie

Wash up your pie
*(There are three things that smell like
Wash up your pie
*(One of them is fish...)*
Wash up your pie
*(The other two...)*
Wash up your pie
*(Are growing on you.
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