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Viewing Lyrics for Deuce-5 To Life:

Track:Deuce-5 To Life
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:chours: yall probley think i'm crazy , i think i'm crazy too,
i got a lot of money but don't know just what the to do,
yall probley think i'm crazy , i think i'm crazy too,
cut my brian in two and see why they call my head zoo,

you could be the senate or the pres. you can still suck a fat dick,
bone ya secutary while i'm jammin eminem that lunatic,
i'm crazy yes i said it and i'll say it agin,
but before i say it tell your girl to give me head agin,
lay her on the mattress,
she loves to wear all black like shes going to do magic ,
she makes my dick disapear and reapear like boats on the altic,
damm dramatic she's so domanatric ,
my nut splash towards her face she bends over like the matrix,
my hole surounding gose in slowmotion like outterspace,
see i work harder than the devil and still find time to say grace,
i might not have a family now but i will own some day,
and if my kids come out the woon looking just a little gay,
i'll slap the doctor in his face,
go in the trunk of my adonte,
wait till he pass by in his car and assinate him like they did J.F.K.
yeah i might be rud at times i might be glad sad mad,
and think i the shit cause i have police bage,
even if its fake shhh don't say nothing to the g's cause i might catch a case,
come back afteryou and rearrange your pretty face,
not to forget put your dick up in your asshole,
and watch you bleed out your fuckin nose,
actor slash model,
i'll rap your neck up in dental floss and watch your lips trun purple,
drop you in the middle of the road like the 7up commercial,
i'll make your life a living hell by take your idenitety,
i'll kill you like a wall no wait i can't kill a wall but i'll cut your fuckin balls,-aca
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