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Viewing Lyrics for Shoot Cha In A Minute:

Track:Shoot Cha In A Minute
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm still shootin mothafuckas the warpath never stops
Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is causin a homicide
Ya popped if you're plottin on a jack punk
I'll see you comin from a mile away and light yo ass up
So if the funk is on you betta be strapped
Cuz you'll be bitin the nine once again black
Call me agent double O deuce four
I got a mini 380 in the sleeve of my coat
I'm a killA the mothafuckin X to the R-A-I-D-E-D L-O-C
smokin niggas like some green bud
So if you see me in your hood you better duck
Cuz I'm jackin every thang from a cut to a mini truck
Better not be trippin never slippin
It's just another mothafuckin grave that I'm diggin
Forties swiggin got a nigga bent and wanna kill
Fools try to catch me slippin but they never will
I'm the mothafuckin X loc no joke
I'm from the garden block where mothafuckas get smoked
If your Daytons got a little more shine than the ones I got
I'm gonna get my nine and your shit is mine
You hella bold if you reach for your gat
Cuz I'm gonna put a hole in your ass and it's like that
Lynch, (You gonna be heaven sent fool)
Niggas nuts on the wall I'm shooting mothafuckas

Chorus: Cuz I'll shoot your punk ass in a minute
I'll give you some of this (ginshots) or some of this (more gunshots)

I'm a trigger happy nigga I prove it every time that I ride
I'll kill a punk at the drop of a dime
For instance a nigga talkin shit
Betta yet a fool tryin to front for a bitch yeah
(I'll give you some of this (gunshots) or some of this (gunshots)
Nigga aim nigga hit wanna trip nigga trip
Fuck a fool's gun if he got a empty clip
Brotha Lynch (I'm a blast, I'm a blast)
Where your bullet la
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