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Track:In the Sticks
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I said hey now baby
Ain't you the girl next door
Reet petite you must not eat
Bet you know the score
Friday night don't sit at home
Lets trek up the bend
Maybe if I'm lucky I'll even steal a kiss
Maybe even hold your hand, yeah

Something about you sweetheart
Well I just can't explain
You're not like all those city girls
I don't think so anyway
And I can't seel a wink at night
Hoping my dreams come true
You're gonna be a brand new kind of girl
When I get through with you

(In the sticks is where I lay)
Hey girl, I got love
(In the sticks is what I play)
Love enough for you

In the sticks
Well it's you and me baby
And I ain't no coutnry hick
But me and the city we just don't mix

Dancin' on a moonbeam
When I finally caught your name
Said you had to be going soon
And I said that that's a shame
Took you down to the willow pond
Where the cat tails grow real high
And in a few brief moments
We waived our child hood goodbye

Just don't mix

CHORUS (2x's)
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Taken from the album  by Warrant
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