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Viewing Lyrics for 6th Avenue Heartache:

Album:Bringing Down The Horse
Track:6th Avenue Heartache
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Sirens ring, the shots ring out
A stranger cries, screams out loud
I had my world strapped against my back
I held my hands, never knew how to act
And the same black line that was drawn on you
Was drawn on me
And now it's drawn me in
6th Avenue heartache

Below me was a homeless man
Singin' songs I knew complete
On the steps alone, his guitar in hand
His fifty years, he stood where he stands


Now walkin' home on those streets
The river winds move my feet
The subway steam, like silhouettes in dreams
They stood by me, just like moonbeams


Looked out the window, down upon that street
And gone like a midnight was that man
But I seen his six strings laid against that wall
And all his things, they all look so small
I got my fingers crossed on a shooting star
Just like me- he just moved on

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