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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Not one to be alarmist
panic's not really my style.
Dealing with my nervousness
and forcing a smile... see?
I'm good at coping
Cool, poised, self-controlled
No that's OK I'll be alright
These are coffee shakes, that's all
Quit Quit I can't Quit
Quit Quit I can't Quit

Eager for a challenge
Sure I wasn't over my head
Had the very best intentions
The tougher, the better, I said
I know you're very busy,
I can see you're working very hard,
but I'm scared
Don't want to interrupt you
But I've got to tell somebody
that there's big trouble here
Run for cover and say your prayers!

Everything was researched
followed the best advice
Spent days on end in reference
confirmed all sources twice
Realistic expectations
practical methods and tests
Confident in the outcome
final result this crisis
Quit Quit I can't Quit
Quit Quit I can't Quit

Every angle, every option
checked my facts again and again
Tore it apart a thousand times
and stood it on its head
Went over it and over it
considered different points of view
Put things in perspective
but I can't find the error
no ideas, no clues
Well, what the Hell am I supposed to do?

I've really got a problem here
...Quit... no... no problem

I'd rather not admit it
this is hard for me to say
I'm proud and independent
and I don't like to make mistakes
But all I need is a different slant
and objective overview
And I couldn't keep from thinkin'
just what it was you'd do
Quit Quit I can't Quit
Quit Quit I can't Quit

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