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Viewing Lyrics for Better Off As Friends:

Album:The Waiting
Track:Better Off As Friends
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Please excuse my religion
Excuse the ceremony and the show
When I first gave in to Your advances
You were wanting to get closer than I'd know
But I'll allow it for a moment
For just a moment I'll come near
Long enough to say those words
That all men are taught to fear
I think we'd be better off as friends
I think that should be where it ends
Ther's no complicated reason
Just as simple as sin
I think we'd be better off as friends
Please excuse my reluctance
Turn Your eyes away from my embarassed grin
Never gone this far before
Don't think I could ever go this way again
So I'll just raise my head
And look deep into Your eyes
And offer You those words
I've been conditioned to despise
I wanted flowers
You were buying me a ring
I wanted candy
You were giving everything
You took my breath away
Don't think that I have denied it
But this heart You've stolen, Sir
Do You think we could divide it
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