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Artist:U.S. Crush
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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I wanna destroy the false leaders
Transparent, spineless and afraid
I wanna destroy suggestive selling
Stop shoving all that product down my throat

Now I wanna destroy multitudes of mindless lemmings
And I wanna destroy those that profit from my pain
Now I wanna destroy, now I wanna destroy, now I wanna Destroy!
The ones who drag us down to pull themselves up

I wanna destroy indie rock snobs
Holier than thou with no taste at all
I wanna destroy moral purveyors
Go adopt some kids don't preach to me

Now I wanna destroy people who always blame others
And I wanna destroy loss of hope and faith in God

I wanna destroy the bad parents
They license you to drive why not to have kids
I wanna destroy abusive power
A title or a badge don't make you God
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Taken from the album  by U.S. Crush
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