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Viewing Lyrics for Take A Whiff On Me:

Track:Take A Whiff On Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Walked up Ellum and I come down Main
Tryin' to bum a nickle, just to buy cocaine
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.

Take a whiff on me, take a whiff on me
And everybody, take a whiff on me.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.

Went to Mr. Lehman's on a lope
Sign in the window said: "No more coke".
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.

Goin' up State Street, commin' down Main
Lookin' for the woman that uses cocaine.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.

I'se got a nickle, you'se got a dime...
You buy the coke and I'll buy the wine.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.


The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
Takes a brown-skin woman, for my particular use.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.

I chew my tobacco, and I spit my juice
I love my baby 'till it aint no use
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.


Cocaine's for horses and not for men
Doctors say t'will kill you but they don't say when.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.


Whiff-a-ree and whiff-a-rye
Gonna keep on a whiffin', boys, 'till I die.
Ho, ho, honey take a whiff on me.
from Folk Song U.S.A.
filename[ WHIFFME
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Taken from the album  by Unknown
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