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Track:Old Rose And Crown
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The Old Rose and Crown
(Ian Robb)

What have they done to the old Rose and Crown?
The Ship, the King's Arms, and the World Upside Down.
For oak, brass, and leather, and a pint of the best
Fade away like the sun as it sinks in the west.

Come gather round friends, and I'll tell you a tale.
It's a story well known to all lovers of ale.
The old English pub, once a man's second home
Has been decked out by brewers in plastic and foam.

And the old wooden bar where the pumps filled your glass
Gives way to Formica and tanks full of gas.
The old landlord behind, once a man of good cheer
Just mumbles the price as he hands you your beer.

And where are the friends who would meet for a jar,
Or a good game of darts in the old public bar?
The dartboard is gone, in its place is a thing
Where you pull on the handle and lose all your tin.


But the worst of it all's what they've done to the beer.
With shandies and lagers that will make you feel queer.
For an arm and a leg, they will fill up your glass
With a half and half mixture of ullage and gas.

Recorded on Rose and Crown, Robb (Folk-Legacy)
@drink @pub
filename[ ROSECRWN
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