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Track:Old Pubs
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The Old Pubs
(Johnny Handle)

Well, when I was a lad, a pub was a pub,
Mahogany tables, sawdust floor,
Nothing fancy, plain enough,
But they don't build pubs like that any more.

They're knockin' 'em down
The old pubs,
Around the town
The old pubs,
Plastic's all the go.

Well, the landlord kept in his cellar well
A beer both heavy and strong,
A place to share your troubles in
And a place for a damn good song
Weddings, funerals, births and all,
We wished them all the best.
Good times, bad times, war and peace,
But the old pubs stood the test

But now here all the things have changed,
And the streets are flattened down.
And the people in the pubs have moved away
Out to the edge of town, oh

@drink @pub
filename[ OLDPUBS
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