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Viewing Lyrics for Miss Suzy Had A Steamboat:

Track:Miss Suzy Had A Steamboat
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Miss Suzy had a steamboat,
The steamboat had a bell (ding, ding)
Miss Suzy went to heaven,
The steamboat went to --

Hello operator,
Please give me number nine,
And if you disconnect me,
I'll chop off your --

Behind the refrigerator,
There lay a piece of glass.
Miss Suzy sat upon it,
And broke her little --

Ask me no more questions,
I'll tell you no more lies.
The boys are in the bathroom,
Zipping up their --

Flies are in the honey,
The birds are in the park.
Miss Suzy and her boyfriend
Are kissing in
The D-A-R-K,
Dark! Dark! Dark
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Taken from the album  by Unknown
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