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Track:Lady Of Carlisle
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Lady Of Carlisle

Down in Carlisle there lived a lady
Being most beautiful and gay,
She was determined to live a lady,
No man on earth could her betray.

Unless it were a man of honor
A man of honor and high degree,
And then approached two loving soldiers,
This fair lady for to see.

One being a brave lieutenant
A brave lieutenant and a man of war
The other being a brave sea captain,
Captain of the ship that come from far.

Then up spoke this fair young lady,
Saying "I can't be but one man's bride,
But if you'll come back tomorrow morning,
On this case we will decide."

She ordered her a span of horses
A span of horses at her command;
And down the road these three did travel
Till they come to the lions' den.

There she stopped and there she halted
These two soldiers stood gazing round;
And for the space of half an hour
This young lady lies speechless on the ground.

And when she did recover,
Threw her fan down in the lions' den
Saying, "Which of you to gain a lady
Will return her fan again?"

Then up spoke the brave lieutenant,
Raised his voice both loud and clear,
Saying "You know I am a dear lover of women,
But I'll not give my life for love."

Then up spoke this brave sea captain.
He raised his voice both loud and high,
Saying "You know I am a dear lover of women
I will return her fan or die."

Down in the lions' den, he boldly entered,
The lions being both wild and fierce,
He marched around and in among them,
Safely returned her fan again.

And when she saw her true lover coming.
Seeing no harm had been done to him,
She threw herself against his bosom,
Saying, "Here is the prize that you have won."

@ballad @love @animal
filename[ LDYCRLIL
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