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Track:Johnson Boys
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I hear them Johnson boys a-coming
Singing and a-hollering and shooting off their guns;
All the other fellers scared as the devil,
Johnson boys has got'em on the run (2x)

Johnson boys, won't do to mess with,
They stick together just like glue.
If you start any kind of trouble,
They'll beat the hell out of you. (2x)

Johnson boys went to the mountain
They didn't reckon long to stay,
Met up with some high-borned ladies
Didn't get back till the break of day.

Johnson boys, getting mighty sassy
Johnson boys, think they're men,
Comb their hair and wash their faces
Look pretty good for the shape they're in.

Johnson boys, they went a-courtin'
Johnson boys, they didn't stay.
Reason why they went no further,
Had no money fur to pay their way.

Johnson boys, raised in ashes
Didn't know how to court a maid;
Turned their backs and hid their faces
Sight of a purty girl made them afraid.

Johnson boys, brave and hearty,
They knows how to court old maids.
Kiss and hug and call 'em honey,
Rush up pretty girls, don't be afraid.

Johnson boys, play your fiddle,
Johnson boys, sing your song,
Johnson boys, hug in the middle,
Hug in the middle and you can't go wrong.

Johnson boys, mowin' in the meadow
Big black snake bit one on the toe;
He commenced a-yellin' and a-hollerin'
It's a sight to see them Johnson boys go!

From Frank Proffitt
filename[ JHNSNBOY
play.exe JHNSNBOY
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