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Track:Get Away Old Man
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     

Come all you young maidens and listen to me
When you go to marry, just let the old man be

For the old man, he is old
The old man, he is grey
But the young man's heart is full of love
Git away old man, git away

Don't never marry an old man, I'll tell you the reason why
His lips are all tobacco juice and his chin is never dry

I'd rather marry a young man with his pockets lined with silk
Than to marry an old man with a hundred cows to milk

Don't never marry an old man, his love cannot remain
For when he marries a young girl, his life is in a strain
So when you go to marry, please listen unto me
Chose yourself a young man and let the old man be

@age @courtship
see also NOWEDOLD
printed in Folksongs of the Blue Ridge Mountains
collected from John Daniel Vass
filename[ AWAOLDMN
play.exe AWAOLDMN
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