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Track:Force On The Workforce
Date Added:18/10/2007
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(Keith Hancock)

I was always raised to stand on my own
No one gave a damn if I fell on my face
Never taken for a fool,
And though I found it hard at school
I found a niche in the market place
Didn't want to get a job, started on my own
Borrowed from the bank and was on my own
Soon I had a company car, the mobile phone
And all the other trappings of the working day

I never use any force on the work force
And though I might lack some charm
I never held a gun to a head in my life
I've never done no harm (nobody no harm)

Buy a little of this, sell a little of that
Bung a lot of profit on and here we go
Profit margins, stock control, keeping people off the dole
Then sit back and watch the money grow
The more I make the more I need,
But what's that got to do with greed?
I've got overhead just like you
If you think that your mortgage is costing you a deal
Then spare a thought for me cos I got two

I never use any force on the work force
I pay what I can
I never held a gun to a head in my life
I think I'm a reasonable man, reasonable man

Threat them fairly, I'm an honest man
They don't need no minimum rate
If it wasn't for the likes of me,
Keeping them from poverty
They'd cost you a fortune living off the State
I give them stability, sanctity and dignity
Harmony and levity to hide their frown
But there's no way I'm a registered charity
Pay them too much and we'll all go down

I never use any force on the work force
Just look at this honest face
I never held a gun to a head in my life
But you've got to keep them in their place

@union @work
filename[ WRKFORCE
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