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Track:Clear Away In The Morning
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
by Gordon Bok

Take me back on the bay, boys,
Clear away in the morning
I don't want to spend my pay boys
O bring her round

Take me back on the bay, boys
I don't want to go ashore, boys

Captain, don't you leave me
There's no one here that needs me

Nancy, o my Nancy
She never played it fancy

Bring me wine and brandy
I'd only ask for nancy
Captain, don't let the main down
Captain, don't let the chain run

Captain, don't you need me
There's nothing I can do, boy

Nancy, o my nancy
Nancy, o my Nancy

Take me back on the bay, boys
I don't want to go ashore boys

Copuright Folk Legacy Records, Inc, 1977
Recorded by Bok - Peter Kagan & the Wind
filename[ CLEARAM
play.exe CLEARAM
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