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Viewing Lyrics for Lack Of Days:

Artist:Unfinished Thought
Album:Becoming Aware
Track:Lack Of Days
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:So What's The Deal
With Your Piercing Eyes
Such a Fucking Cheap Disguise
So Pale So Thin
Your Remarks Soak In

As I Wash My Eyes
And My Hands Of Joy
Never Expect Me To Be Able
To Handle Your Coy Ways

I Told You Not To Play My Game
Now We Do Things My Way

I Wonder If You Know
That My Tough Shell Is So Weak
Such A Charade
To Force Me To Speak

No Words Can Be Said
To Account For My Troubled Mind
Plastic Or No There's No Sense of Time

Just A Lacadazical Whirl
Just A Fucked Up Lonely Girl
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Taken from the album  by Unfinished Thought
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    Unfinished Thought - Lack of Days (Piano Version)

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    Unfinished Thought - Umbrella

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    Hey guys, here it is... The UNFINISHED montage I was going on and on about for weeks on end, then never completed. Here's the story. This montage...

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    Unfinished Thought - One More Forever (Live @ 26/March/2005)

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