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Viewing Lyrics for The Theme The After Party remix:

Artist:Tracey Lee
Album:The Theme 12
Track:The Theme The After Party remix
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:featuring Busta Rhymes & Pirate of the Reepz

party ain't over
I stone high
RNF no doubt (2X)
flip over
Tray Lee

Verse One: Tracey Lee

Sathe music at the party
starting from the hotel lobby
lift from the fifth is how tha squad be
toss pulling chicks and shit discreetly
ha! in teams of six I'm a hid at least three
completely dipped in the fly shit
this happens when you fuck with a winner
an RNF temper contenders one amends per chance
seems a slimmin' in dinner a key figure
Tray Lee da hin da seeswigga (?)
Discreet to get the cream quicker
Why niggaz wanna come with it
all on da floor stay acided It's war -
let's get down they do number one with the star
keepin the hip-hop theme drug
if you like it hot say what
people throw your mop in the air show love come on

Let's get up let's get down
people get lifted now Reepz & Busta
With Tray Lee don't quit now
You know we get down
(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: Pirates of the Reepz

We no pie when da trap-daddy is
can you feel this fag in that ass
lip-stick press left on da wine glass
please stick it in yo by-pass
standard procedure is the third leg stance
in downward position like Herman and Grees's(?)
the reeds get deeper down and explode
flip like ass and bask a flippo
763 RNF go Busta (what da deal don)
mr Tray Lee
Show These MC's how it's supposed to be
supposed to flee you don't know the meanin of me

Now when you send many wack MC's after me
when I die trayin' pie got a crew to leave your team paralysed
wo thanx yo that shit is mo better
we gettin mo better cause da spin it mo clever
if sis wanna get it in the but nigga let her
spread her like an STD most FWD
then leave remain treed in the same PV
with nige in the flip mode out garage


wow it's party time (2X)
havin a party

Verse Three: Busta Rhymes

Wound up for the night so everybody passed out
just clap you hands get up on the dancefloor baby and spread you ass out
let me all between the creeps's masterpieces brand new releases
pick up my sons nephews and ma nieces
Busta Rhymes comin in and bustin you ass
like ma nigga Antonio Andorez.
drum bustin shepherd callin bomb shellin
shit on the wall that make me horse smellin
now what da fuck is goin on here
hit your back bigga (?) and break you
bust you ass academy in front of da whole capacity
who has the audacity suffers a beer
blows a rivet through the smoke I better be go ahead take off
your clothes
killing hot the dep hold your breath
mo niggaz than RNF making you wave your hand from right to left
Busta Rhymes and Tracy Lee be like Jim Carry & Bruce Lee maybe you wanna fight
all those who wanna & frontin me now
makin a pie about to open your eye and make you body fly
Bust on an sayin fuck da wall we keepin hot
Tray Lee & Busta creamin on the same song

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