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Artist:The Cult
Track:Soldier Blue
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Soldier Blue, bloodstained red

Hey people, he's gonna bust your head

A real bad dream, you know it's true

Kiss his boots or you'll be through

Out of the night comes soldier right

Line you up in his gunsight

His mind's exploded, ego's overloaded

Hey children, start a running

Soldier Blue, love is out of season

Soldier Blue, fighting for no reason

Soldier Blue, soldier fright

He's gonna bust up everything in sight

A real heavy dude in a killing mood

Pack your bags or you'll be through

He's guaranteed to shatter all your dreams

His mind's exploded, ego's overloaded

Hey children, start a running

I have seen the sunset, the sea on fire

Ships burn off the coast of Orion

Dreams of peace wait on the horizon

Clouds filled with blood rain on the water

While night time's fingers clench the light shut

Our sister rides the horse Apocalypse

Now is the closing

Love has no season
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    The Cult: Soldier Blue; Best of Rare Cult (BEST VERSION)

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    The Cult Soldier Blue Cover - Agile AL-3200

    No copyright infringement intended, just having some fun in a NON profit manner playing along with some tunes that I like.

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    SonicTemple tribute to The Cult(Soldier Blue)San Manuel Casino

    SonicTemple tribute to The Cult(Soldier Blue)San Manuel Casino.

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    The Cult - Soldier Blue (with Lyrics)

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    Soldier Blue (1970) Trailer

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    The Cult- "SOLDIER BLUE"- NEW!!!!!

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