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Artist:The Better World
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
(Matt Coban)

Lazy days, I know that I'll find a friend
It's all a test, which I cannot comprehend
And I know you know, everything's falling apart, yeah
Your so far away, I still feel like I'm close
I miss your face, and I don't know how to cope
And I can't take another day without you

And every time you fall, you know you bring me down to bleed
And every time you fall, you know you bring me down to bleed

It's hard to sleep, I wake up to dreams of you
All day, all night, I can't stop thinking
You know, were falling farther from who we are
And I sleep when it's raining

And every time you fall, you know you bring me down to bleed
And every time you fall, you know you bring me down
Bring me down
You're stuck inside my head
And I know that I'd rather be dead
If I can't have you, I can't have you, I can't have you again
And you were right, you're always right, and you've been right this whole time

Every time you fall, you know you bring me down to bleed
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