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Artist:Talk Talk
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(Mark Hollis Tim Friese-Greene)
Makes you feel much older
Sublime the blind parade
It wrecks me how they justify their acts of war
They assemble, they pray
Take good care of what the priests say
'After death it's so much fun'
Little sheep don't let your feet stray
Happiness is easy
Joy be written upon the earth
And the sky above
Jesus star that shines so bright
Gather us in love
Guilt upon their shoulders
How well the cause evades
Infecting your religions, claiming pacts
It's easy to shoulder the blame
Happiness is easy
Little ships of Galilee
Happiness is easy
Standing on the sea
Happiness is easy
Jesus tried to love us all
Happiness is easy
Be a friend to me
Happiness is easy
Try to teach my children
To recognise excuse before it acts
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Taken from the album  by Talk Talk
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