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Artist:Talk Show
Track:Fill The Fields
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:(D. DeLeo)

I wish I could write a song just for you
I don't know how
It's when you're away these walls show years
I do know why

One hundred eyes have opened on you
Where do you sleep
It's when I'm alone at the end of your feet
I do know why

Tomorrow it's better to know you have said
Tomorrow show something else instead

Remember the dream you told me you had

Now was it me
It's when I'm awake with a shrug at the day
The sun will shine

How many knees have prayed in this house
Now was it me
When I was away, just before time
I let them all

Fill the fields fill the noise
You've shown better than this before
Fill the fields fill the noise
Let them shuffle around this town
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Taken from the album  by Talk Show
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